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Home of the Plastic Bricks

Providing a Sustainable solution to Plastic waste pollution.

Our mission is to do everything possible to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to the global Plastic pollution pandemic.

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Your trusted Alternative Building Material Provider

Innovative and Affordable

Ramtsilo is a 100% black female owned company that has created a Circular Green Economy in the Plastic Recycling and Building Material Industry.

We provide Waste Management and Recycling Services for plastic waste pollution which is used in the manufacturing of strong, durable and fire retardant bricks.

Our Plastic bricks have created direct and indirect employment for a number of young and old individuals in our operations, in the recycling industry and the construction industry.

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Break-through in Plastic Recycling Technology

Recycled plastic bricks are not as porous as the conventional brick limiting cracks on a wall, increasing the lifespan of a building.

Plastic Stock Bricks 7-15Mpa

Brick comprises of 30% Plastic to ensure effective fire resistance.

The bricks are suitable for general building work that is to be plastered where durability rather than aesthetics is the key selection criteria.

Plastic Brick Dimensions:

- L210 X W70 X H105

- 2% Moisture obsorbtion

- 2kg Average weight

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Ramtsilo's innovative products

Plastic Maxi Bricks 7-15Mpa

Our bricks are made with a blend of plastics and aggregates, And with simultaneous vibration, the brick are moulded and left to cure until they have reached the required compressive strength.

Plastic Brick Dimensions:

- L290 X W90 X H140

- 2% Moisture absorption

- 5% Average weight 

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Factory Construction

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Low Cost Housing

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Household Construction


 Chased Wall

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Tribute Monument Construction

The Plastic bricks replaced clay bricks in the construction due to the fact that they are not as porous as conventional bricks.

Construction of low cost housing

Construction of Low Cost Houses including the construction of VIP toilet structure.

Paved Road Construction

Construction of paving using 80mm pavers that have hard-wearing durability and high compressive strength.

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Lincoln road, Benoni, South Africa.

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