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We Save water and Recycle plastic

At Ramtsilo Manufacturing & Construction, our mission is to do everything possible to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to the global Plastic pollution pandemic.


Your trusted building alternatives provider

Affordable and Innovative

Ramtsilo bricks is a 100% black female owned business based in Sasolburg, in the Free State Province of South Africa. 

We specialise in brick manufacturing. Manufacturing cement bricks in stock and maxi sizes, and pavers in interlock and bevil.

However we are best known as the 1st company to bring the plastic brick to South Africa. Made out of recycled plastic and sand... it is one of South Africas alternative forms of building materials.



Ramtsilo's innovative product


The #PlastiBrick is made from recycled plastic and sand as well as other proprietary additives that make the brick strong and durable.

The #PlastiBrick has the following advantages:

  • A lower water absorption rate than the conventional cement brick.

  • Higher density rate/compactness.

  • A compressive strength of 10.1MPa.

  • Can be used in residential, industrial and commercial construction projects.

  • Used as permanent insulation in buildings as they are highly energy efficient. 

The #PlastiBrick is an absolute favourite for those who are going more green in their lifestyles and in these times of water scarcity the #PlastiBrick is a great alternative to conventional bricks as they use no water during production.

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Cement Bricks

At Ramtsilo we offer the following products


Interlocking & Bevil Pavers

Our 60mm & 80mm pavers are SABS approved.

  • Ranging from a 25 - 30 MPA strength

  • Colors include Grey Premium, Grey Standard, Black, Tan, Red, Terracotta, Multi Dark, Plum

  • 48 interloacking pavers & 50 bevel  pavers p/m²

  • Great for both walk ways & roads and malls.


Ramtsilo Construction provides general buildin, sewer connections, civil engineering and electrical engineering services. Here are some projects we have worked on....

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Sewer yard connections including manhole cleaning and replacement.

Construction of low cost housing

Construction of Low Cost Houses including the construction of VIP toilet structure, sewer connection and Electricity and issuance of COC

Road Construction

Youth Black Female Contractor Development Opportunity Road Construction.


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3073 Taylor Park, Sasolburg, South Africa

0617898638 | 0727233552

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0617898638 | 0727233552

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